50 New Employee Training Ideas

1) You could train a web site template installer employee. You could instruct co workers with eBooks and/or studying activities.

2) You might instruct a web site repairer worker. You might tutor staff with print reports and/or reading lessons.

3) You could teach a web site host assistant You can ready work teams with ezines and/or matching assignments

4) You might educate a web site designer here. You may teach faculty with how to articles and/or summarizing tests.

5) You could ready a webinar speaker newcomer you should educate hirees with membership sites and/or outlining actions.

6) You might tutor a voice over specialist laborer. You could prepare newcomers with e-classes and/or writing/typing quizzes

7) You could prepare a virtual secretary apprentice. You might train laborers with e-reports and/or learning exercises.

8- You might train a virtual assistant beginner. You can develop apprentices with wiki pages and/or memorizing activities.

9) You could instruct a viral marketing specialist trainee. You may instruct beginners with online games and/or listing lessons.

10) You might teach a video producer amateur. You should tutor trainees with biography’s/autobiographies and/or answering assignments

11) You could educate a up selling/backend specialist newbie. You could ready amateurs with directory’s and/or making/creating tests.

12) You might ready a transcription employee. You might teach newbie’s with books and/or naming actions.

13) You could tutor a teleseminar speaker worker. You can educate employees with newsletters and/or essaying/reporting quizzes

14) You might prepare a tech support specialist assistant You may prepare workers with lessons and/or expressing exercises

15) You could train a tax consultant hiree. You should train assistants with columns and/or practicing activities.

16) You might instruct a super affiliate finder newcomer you could develop co workers with forums and/or describing lessons.

17) You could teach a squeeze page creator laborer. You might instruct staff with music and/or following along assignments

18) You might educate a software developer apprentice. You can tutor work teams with web cams and/or reasoning tests.

19) You could ready a social networking poster beginner. You may ready faculty with movies and/or researching actions.

20) You might tutor a social media manager trainee. You should teach hirees with mp3s and/or listening quizzes

21) You could prepare a skills trainer amateur you could educate newcomers with magazines and/or looking up exercises

22) You might train a shipping specialist newbie. You might prepare laborers with audio books and/or finding/discovering activities.

23) You could instruct a SEO specialist employee. You can train apprentices with lists and/or defining lessons.

24) You might teach a seminar speaker worker. You may develop beginners with mobile sites and/or revealing/exposing assignments

25) You could educate a self improvement specialist assistant you should instruct trainees with links pages and/or locating tests.

26) You might ready a script installer hiree. You could tutor amateurs with search engines and/or spelling actions.

27) You could tutor a sale page copy writer newcomer You might ready newbie’s with scripts and/or organizing/indexing quizzes

28) You might prepare a report writer laborer. You can teach employees with tutorials and/or comparing/contrasting exercises

29) You could train a publicity specialist apprentice. You may educate workers with TV shows and/or map outing/modeling activities.

30) You might instruct a proofreader beginner. You should prepare assistants with surveys/polls and/or authoring lessons.

31) You could teach a production specialist trainee. You could train co workers with auto responder series and/or drawing assignments

32) You might educate a product tester amateur You might develop staff with step by stepping and/or masterminding tests.

33) You could ready a product launch specialist newbie. You can instruct work teams with modeling and/or understanding actions.

34) You might tutor a product inventor employee. You may tutor faculty with idea generating and/or reading out load quizzes

35) You could prepare a print newsletter publisher worker. You should ready hires with cartoons and/or comprehending exercises

36) You might train a press release writer assistant You could teach newcomers with news commentary and/or reviewing activities.

37) You could instruct a photo air brush artist hiree. You might educate laborers with dvds/cds and/or inspecting/exploring lessons.

38) You might teach a pay per click ad manager newcomer You can prepare apprentices with virtual worlds and/or debating assignments

39) You could educate an organizing specialist laborer. You may train beginners with graph/pie charts and/or checking out tests.

40) You might ready an online photographer apprentice. You should develop trainees with online audios and/or time lining actions.

41) You could tutor an online audio producer beginner. You could instruct amateurs with video clips and/or tracking down quizzes

42) You might prepare an on demand product publisher trainee. You might tutor newbie’s with examples and/or diagramming exercises

43) You could train an offline advertising broker amateur you can ready employees with podcasts and/or charting/graph activities.

44) You might instruct a niche site builder newbie. You may teach workers with files/folders and/or analyzing lessons.

45) You could teach a motivation specialist employee. You should educate assistants with chat rooms/messaging and/or developing assignments

46) You might educate a mobile advertising specialist worker. You could prepare co workers with directions/instructions and/or presenting tests.

47) You could ready a micro blog poster assistant you might train staff with short cutting/tricks and/or asking themselves actions.

48) You might tutor a marketing teacher hiree. You can develop work teams with reviews and/or predicting quizzes

49) You could prepare a market researcher newcomer You may instruct faculty with message boards and/or preparing/planning exercises

50) You might train a live event organizers laborer. You should tutor hirees with recordings and/or experiment/test activities.

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