Binary MLM

MLM or multilevel marketing companies and opportunities are so easy to come by these days. You may even encounter some programs in the form of ads even if you are not searching. But if you visit many of these rather ambitious launches, you will notice that these MLM opportunities are the same as the older ones that you have encountered making it extremely clear that these people want to cash in on a working concept and get others that are not very much aware of MLM so the business can gain momentum. It is true that there are millions out there that don’t know about MLM but it does not mean that you should continue joining different programs that have the same models. MLM has many forms and sometimes its variations can be more interesting in some ways. Take binary MLM for an example because the concept is a bit simpler.

About Binary MLM

Binary may sound a bit on the technical side but binary focus on the number two and when you put it together with MLM the whole model revolves around just two people. This contrasts with normal MLM opportunities when you need to find as many people as possible if you want to get that residual income that everyone talks about. Even getting your very first person to hop on board can take time if you are inexperienced so being asked to bring in just two people to your network is certainly a breath of fresh air. Another good thing about this is that you can confidently tell potential members of your network that they only need to bring in two people in order to see something positive.

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In just about every MLM, there are usually people that are good in bringing in lots of people and there are others that are quite slow. A binary MLM system evens things out by making sure everyone has two people underneath regardless of individual efforts. If you manage to bring in three people to your downline, one of these people “spills over” to the people under you so you have two people remaining and the third person now becomes under one of your direct referrals. Basically one of the people under you gets a free person thanks to your efforts. This is also good if you are inexperienced and your sponsor happens to be good in bringing new people. You can have a downline before you know it and the people you personally bring in will just help others underneath including your upline.

Challenges with the System

This binary MLM pretty much paints the picture of a pyramid. While this isn’t really a bad thing, there are still some challenges involved. Many people view these types of MLMs as a “do nothing program” which isn’t true because once everyone starts getting lazy, the hardworking people get discouraged from bringing new people into the network. Some MLM companies try to emphasize the value of personally bringing in referrals by giving incentives for doing so. This means that you can enjoy some of the extra money that you make due to spillovers but you won’t be making as much money as everyone else. Therefore, you have to treat your downline as a team because MLM binary systems work sporadically when everyone is active.

Binary MLM