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Free Blogging Resources

Name: AdGridWork

Description: AdGridWork has thousands of sites on their network wanting to freely advertise websites or products. Hence, advertising is 100% free. Advertisers can define exactly what types of sites you want your free advertisement to appear on so that your website or product is promoted to a targeted audience. This resource also provides free metrics and tracking tools for webmasters.

Name: Biz.Ly
Description: offers free website hosting services that provide 50MB of free web space and 1000MB of monthly data transfer. It includes easy-to-use web site building tools with many free web templates to create your free site. Other free tools include free blogs builder, guestbook, visitors counter, webrings, and more. Users can also have a free domain name such as


Description: is a publishing platform that allows aspiring bloggers to start blogging right away. It has ready-made theme layouts for you to choose from for a unique blog appearance. This platform also integrates social media elements to share your posts with tons of social networks.


Name: BlogDesk
Description: BlogDesk is an offline weblog client which assists you in blogging. A WYSIWYG editor, there is no need to use HTML Tags and images can be directly inserted and are automatically uploaded. It is even possible to publish simultaneously to multiple blogs.


Name: DISQUS Comment System
Description: DISQUS is a platform where comments are more like live discussions with real-time posting and updating. This tool is fully compatible with mobile websites for commenting while on the go.


Name: Drop Down Menu Generator
Description: The Drop Down Menu Generator is an online tool that helps webmasters to create a drop down sitemap menu. Webmasters can alter the appearance of the menu and add links to the drop down menu.


Name: Meta Tag Generator
Description: The meta tag generator automatically helps you to generate meta tags. Users simply have to provide some basic information about your blog.


Name: PostRank
Description: The PostRank platform tracks where and how users engage, and what they pay attention to — in real-time. It is the largest aggregator of social engagement data that measures actual user activity, the most accurate indicator of the relevance and influence of a site, story, or author.


Name: The Lazy Blogger’s Post Generator
Description: The Lazy Blogger’s Post Generator is an online form where users can select options on what they would like to talk about in their blog. There are many pre-generated content for users to choose from.


Name: WP Mingle
Description: The simplest way to turn your WordPress website into a Social Network comparable to Facebook or LinkedIn. Mingle makes it easy to create a social network for your family, church, business or even a premium membership site!


Free and paid Blogging Resources

Apart from the above FREE blogging resources, here’s a paid resource that you might want to check out too!

Name: Socrates WordPress Theme
Description: Create And Monetize Custom Niche WordPress Blogs With This Advanced Theme. Multiple Layouts, Custom Header Graphics, Backgrounds, Styles, Social Media And More

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