Business Resources

Name: PDFCreator

Description: PDFCreator quickly and easily helps users convert files into PDF format. It has a very basic interface for users to be able to quickly and easily navigate the program and get right to the task at hand.


Name: Avery Wizard for Microsoft Office Word 2003
Description: Avery Wizard is a plug-in to Microsoft Office Word 2003 and provides templates for hundreds of Avery laser and inkjet products. Use the Avery Wizard to print mailing labels, shipping labels, tab titles, Ready Index table of contents sheets, diskette labels, name badges, name tags, business cards, and tent cards.


Name: QuickBooks Simple Start Free Edition
Description: QuickBooks Simple Start is a free accounting software designed to help you manage your small business better. Its functions include estimating, invoicing, accepting payments, and keeping track of your finances quick and easy.


Name: Core FTP LE
Description: Core FTP Lite is a FTP client which is easy to use in uploading your files onto the host. However, it is lacking the most advanced of features, like multisite connections. Nevertheless, it is an ideal FTP client with easy-to-use actions in adding or updating website pages.


Name: No-IP DUC (Dynamic DNS Update Client)
Description: Dynamic DNS enables you to remotely access your computer, download files or even run your own blog / web site on your home or small business broadband connection even when connected to the internet via a dynamic IP address.

Name: Spoken English
Description: Audio and video tutorial on how to speak and write English correctly. Includes PDF material as well.


Name: AceMoney Lite
Description: AceMoney Lite is a software which can easily organize and track spending, build budgets, track investment performance, set up payment reminders and recurring bill payments, create reports and pie charts, and so much more, for free.


Name: DesignPro Limited Edition
Description: DesignPro is a software which includes step-by-step Wizard, 600+ Avery product templates, hundreds of professional quality images, photo editing tool, mail merge, postal bar codes, and much more. This is to help business owners print professionally looking mailing labels, CD/DVD labels, business cards, dividers, t-shirt transfers, and much more.


Name: The Business Plan Workbook
Description: The Business Plan Workbook is a tool for creating a formal business plan. You can organize your business model, develop a clear and concise plan of action, and work through the components of creating a strong business plan. Financial worksheets are included.


Name: Business Functions
Description: Business Functions is a add-in for Microsoft Excel and has 500+ high-performance functions. It is a comprehensive toolkit for business planning and analysis, designed to make financial models such as business plans and budgets faster to build, less error-prone, and easier to understand and maintain.


Name: Simple Business Manager
Description: Simple Business Manager allows you to manage your company, track invoices and keep finances in order. Letter generator allows you to create letter templates and then send them to your customers. A Company report allows you to quickly see your company finances, expenses and deposits as well as the ability to track miles traveled.



Apart from the above FREE business resources, here’s a paid resource that you might want to check out too!

Name: Business & Software Development Templates
Description: Templates For Proposals, User Guides, Training, Software Development, Sops, And White Papers.


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