Choose Success With Managed Cloud Servers

In the modern corporate world, businesses need every possible advantage over the competition to move ahead and become profitable, but in challenging economic times like today, this can be a difficult proposition. Many productivity solutions also come with their own unique challenges and costs and demand more financial resources than any that are actually saved. The latest advancements in technology can offer some advantages but only managed cloud servers can boost your company’s performance without draining the budget. Thanks to recent developments in wireless technology, remote access techniques and managed cloud server hosting, employees can now access important project files and information from literally anywhere in the world that provides internet connectivity. Whether you rely on a team of workers who are constantly on the road or want to promote telecommuting as an option for your company, managed cloud hosting is one of the best options available that fits businesses of all sizes and services.

Benefits of Managed Cloud Servers

The primary benefit of tools like managed server hosting is the simple and fast access it provides to company data. In the past, employees who spent most of their working time on the road were forced to either memorize enormous amounts of information, transport sizable paper files of relevant data, or rely on portable hard drives that could only hold a limited number of files. This obviously meant that workers were forced to deal with certain limitations that could affect the number and quality of sales, and these limitations were difficult even for those employees who weren’t primarily sales-oriented. Rather than continuing to rely on these outdated systems that didn’t meet the need and were far from fool-proof, the business world turned to technology for a better solution, which turned out to be cloud computing and managed hosting services. Utilizing managed cloud servers enables companies of all sizes to have reliable access to their data from anywhere in the world but without the added expense and hassle of creating, staffing and maintaining a dedicated internet technology division within their respective businesses. Instead of having to reallocate valuable financial resources to fund a technology department as well as purchase and maintain a number of computing resources, these groups were able to meet their technology needs as well as save money by turning to cloud computing.

What to Expect

Incorporating cloud computing in your business’s daily practice is much easier than you may think. Your managed cloud server hosting service handles the technological side of the equation, setting things up and making sure that your company’s data is safely and securely stored in an easily accessible manner. Your employees will be able to access it depending on the level of clearance chosen by your management team, and as an added benefit, access levels can be customized by department, senior/junior levels, and so forth. Your cloud service team will create unique user identifications and passwords that can be designated for access to all areas or only certain ones that you choose. This means that the data that is a crucial part of your business’s success will remain secure and untouched by anyone without the proper clearance.


Turning to cloud computing and managed cloud servers is one of the best choices that businesses of the twenty-first century can make. Not only will it save valuable time and money, but it can speed up your company’s production and boost your overall profits.

About the Author: Tom Warsop is the Marketing Manager for business hosting veteran VI.NET, who have been offering enterprise-class hosting solutions since 1996. With a keen interest in new technology and media, Tom has been an early adopter and advocate of new trends throughout his ten year Marketing career. Tom recommends visiting VI.NET to learn more about managed cloud servers and the benefits that they offer.