Creating New Ideas For Your Business

Ideation, otherwise known as idea generation, is an essential process in every kind of enterprise. It is the key to developing unique trends, products, and services in order to please future clients. Since this can get challenging, here are a few tips to help you out:


Reading allows you to open your mind to new thoughts and experiences through the power of words. For instance, it allows you to realize what it feels like to sky dive in New Zealand, cross the London bridge, escape from Nazi Germany, and attend protests against terrorism in the Middle East even if you are just sitting at the comfort of your couch at home. This rewards you with wider perspectives that allow you to give birth to better ideas for your enterprise.

Take Advantage of Social Media

Social media sites serve as a wide ocean of ideas from persons of different walks of life. It can give you plenty of inspiration and new input. Follow the accounts of experts in the fields that relate to your enterprise.

Observe Fellow Entrepreneurs in the Same Field

This does not mean that you are spying on your competitors. This simply allows you to get inspiration on how fellow businesses operate in your field. For example, if you own a restaurant, you can definitely gain a lot of insights if you take time to eat at different restaurants at least once a week. You can learn from their strengths and weaknesses to make your business stronger.

Challenge Existing Paradigms

All of us have our own paradigms or worldviews. It is not wise to stick to one paradigm until the end. In order for your business to grow, it helps to take time to reassess your current views and challenge it with newer perspectives. For example, if your company believes in exclusively hiring employees with at least ten years of experience in similar areas, you can try hiring newer graduates to for fresh insights.

Meet New People

Widen your network and interact with other entrepreneurs in your field. This enables you to hear their thoughts and gain tips from their experiences. It also allows you to easily get in touch in case you need help and assistance later on.

Combine the Old and the New

Keep traditional business practices at hand while exploring new trends in the industry. Examples of traditional practices that work until today are: making the most out of advertisements and treating employees fairly. New trends include tapping into online marketing or using prominent personalities to promote your brand.

Gather Your Team’s Input

Always open yourself to the suggestion of your employees. It helps to have a suggestion box or idea board where your workers can freely share what they think could help your enterprise.