Fifty New Employee Training Ideas

  1.  You could instruct a legal specialist apprentice. You could ready newcomers with teleseminars and/or putting in order lessons.
  2. You might teach a joint venture broker beginner. You might teach laborers with blogs and/or evaluating/formulating assignments
  3.  You could educate an investment broker trainee. You can educate apprentices with screen shots and/or giving examples tests.
  4. You might ready an interviewer amateur you may prepare beginners with seminaring / eventing and/or making an argument actions.
  5.  You could tutor an internet consultant newbie. You should train trainees with planning and/or filling in quizzes
  6. You might prepare an information researcher employee. You could develop amateurs with interviews and/or choosing/picking exercises
  7. You could train an infomercial producer worker. You might instruct newbie’s with play by plays and/or sharing knowledge activities.
  8. You might instruct a human resource person assistant you can tutor employees with transcribing and/or illustrating lessons.
  9. You could teach a graphics designer hiree. You may ready workers with faqs/q and a’s and/or asking assignments
  10. You might educate a forum poster newcomer You should teach assistants with workshops and/or prioritizing tests.
  11.  You could ready a forum message poster laborer. You could educate co workers with quizzes and/or numbering/alphabetizing actions.
  12.  You might tutor a forum mediator apprentice. You might prepare staff with teleclasses and/or answering yes/no quizzes
  13. You could prepare a foreign language translator beginner. You can train work teams with presentations and/or discussing/documenting exercises
  14.  You might train a finance specialist trainee. You may develop faculty with strategies/tactic and/or showing how activities.
  15.  You could instruct an ezine publisher amateur you should instruct hirees with slide shows and/or figuring out lessons.
  16.  You might teach a employee recruiter newbie. You could tutor newcomers with training class and/or adding/subtracting assignments
  17. You could educate an email copywriter employee. You might ready laborers with excerpts and/or dividing/multiplying tests.
  18.  You might ready an editor worker. You can teach apprentices with online videos and/or solving actions.
  19.  You could tutor an ebook writer assistant you may educate beginners with software/apps and/or interpreting/explaining quizzes
  20.  You might prepare an ebook maker hiree. You should prepare trainees with social sites/posts and/or transcribing exercises
  21.  You could train a dvd/cd copier newcomer You could train amateurs with web sites and/or taking notes activities.
  22. You might instruct a customer support person laborer. You might develop newbies with streaming audio and/or recording/taping lessons.
  23. You could teach a contract negotiator apprentice. You can instruct employees with formulas/systems and/or interviewing assignments
  24.  You might educate a contest promoter beginner. You may tutor workers with streaming videos and/or construction criticizing tests.
  25.  You could ready a computer technician trainee. You should ready assistants with suggestions/recommendations and/or proving/justifying actions.
  26.  You might tutor a computer programmer amateur you could teach co workers with micro blogs and/or filling in the blanks quizzes
  27.  You could prepare a commutations specialist newbie. You might educate staff with blueprints/systems and/or brainstorming/imagining exercises
  28.  You might train a classified ad poster employee. You can prepare work teams with top articles and/or narrating activities.
  29.  You could instruct a chat salesman worker. You may train faculty with favorite links/bookmarks and/or giving opinion on lessons.
  30.  You might teach a business organizers assistant You should develop hirees with video tours and/or quoting assignments
  31. You could educate a business manager hiree. You could instruct newcomers with guests/experts and/or remembering/recalling tests.
  32. You might ready a business consultant newcomer you might tutor laborers with profiles/case studies and/or connecting/linking actions.
  33.  You could tutor a business coach laborer. You can ready apprentices with online tools and/or contributing quizzes
  34. You might prepare a budget specialist apprentice. You may teach beginners with statistics stats page and/or symbolizing exercises
  35.  You could train a brainstormer/masterminder beginner. You should educate trainees with advice/feedback and/or communicating activities.
  36. You might instruct a book/ebook publisher trainee. You could prepare amateurs with trivia questions and/or answering true/false lessons.
  37.  You could teach a book keeping amateur you might train newbie’s with stories and/or outlining/essaying assignments
  38.  You might educate a blog creator newbie. You can develop employees with phone calls/texting and/or commenting on tests.
  39. You could ready a blog commenter employee. You may instruct workers with swipe files and/or comprehending actions.
  40. You might tutor a barter broker worker. You should tutor assistants with syndicated content and/or solving a problem quizzes
  41. You could prepare a back link broker assistant you could ready co workers with press releases and/or sequencing exercises
  42.  You might train an auto responder host. You might teach staff with reality videos and/or putting in order activities.
  43. You could instruct an artist/drawer newcomer you can educate work teams with coaching/consulting and/or multiple choice lessons.
  44.  You might teach an article writer laborer. You may prepare faculty with assignments and/or check offing assignments
  45.  You could educate an article submitter apprentice. You should train hirees with RSS feeds and/or crossing out/checking off tests.
  46.  You might ready an app developer beginner. You could develop newcomers with event recordings and/or marking/circling actions.
  47.  You could tutor an affiliate program manager trainee. You might instruct laborers with online services and/or projecting quizzes
  48.  You might prepare an advertising trainer amateur you can tutor apprentices with conversation transcripts and/or homework exercises
  49. You could train an advertising broker newbie. You may ready beginners with forum reposts and/or trying out activities.
  50.  you might instruct an accountant employee. You should teach trainees with techniques/tips and/or referencing lessons.

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