File Conversion Resources

Name: 2ePub
Description: An Online converter that allows you to convert PDF, doc and other types of documents & books to ePub format – the standard format for ebooks which is supported by almost every reading device including iPad, iPhone, iPod, Sony Reader, BeBook, Nook, Kobo (for Kindle use .mobi).


Name: Abc2MP3
Description: Abc2MP3 is a tool used to convert text to speech. Users simply have to choose a document, select a reader and Abc2MP3 will convert all the text into an audio format.


Name: AVS Video Converter
Description: This video converter converts video to all key formats. Users are also able to create HD-, Blu-ray videos with enhanced menus. Using this converter, users can convert files for various devices and upload videos on popular websites directly from the program interface.


Name: Convert.Files
Description:  Convert.Files is an online tool that helps to convert files such as videos, audio files, documents and ebooks.


Name: Easy Graphic Converter
Description: Easy Graphic Converter is a graphic converter, image converter and thumbnails maker utility that can convert image files and make thumbnails. A 32-bit software program, it runs on Microsoft Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT 4.0, Windows XP, Windows 2000 and Windows ME Operating Systems.


Name: Format Factory
Description: Format Factory is a multifunctional media converter. It converts video files, audio files and image files to other formats. Other functions include repairing damaged video and audio files and reducing Multimedia file size.


Name: Online Font Converter
Description: The Online Font Converter converts fonts to/from: .pdf .dfont .eot .otf .pfb .tfm .pfm .suit .svg .ttf .pfa .bin .t42 .cff .afm .ttc & .woff.


Name: Powerpoint To DVD
Description: This webpage provides users with the information about how to convert a powerpoint presentation to DVD format. It includes the recommended softwares to use each step of the way.


Name: RSS Feed Converter
Description: This tool helps users to easily add RSS Feeds to their website or blog to create sticky content that is always updated. converts any valid RSS feed into easy to implement Javascript, HTML or PHP code.


Name: Time Zone Converter
Description: This online tool helps you to convert time zones instantly. Users just have to fill in the current time or the time they want to convert, choose the ‘From’ time zone and ‘To’ time zone and the tool will automatically convert the time.


Apart from the above FREE file conversion resources, here’s a paid resource that you might want to check out too!

Name: Ojosoft
Description: This has a WIDE range of file conversion software and you can convert practically EVERYTHING!


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