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How to make money easy and fast

Photography Restoration

Everyone takes pictures and wants the memories in their photos to stay preserved!  As we all know after time a photo starts to fade away, giving more and more people the idea to restore their beloved photos back to new.  If you have experience with Photoshop, then this could be a very beneficial and profiting business to start up all from the comforts of your own home.

Photo restoration is hard to come by, however the demand to restore out dated photos is at an all-time high, ever more reason for you to start up your very own photography restoration business. Here are a few things to consider when starting up your very own photography restoration business.

Using Photoshop you can give yourself the ability to restore other people’s photos in little to no time and provide your customers with their newly restored photos fast and effectively.  You can also gain extra tips on using Photoshop by visiting YouTube or typing it into Google.  You want to make sure that you know the program well because you are ensuring that the photos you return will be 100% restored and you don’t want to mess up someone’s cherished photo.

After you are familiar with the program and can guarantee a 100% restoration, then you are now ready to create a website for your services.  When you create your website you want to make sure that you display previous work that you have done with a before and after shot of the photo.  If you don’t have any previous work available for your potential customers then try taking some of your family and friends photos and restore them to place for viewing on your website.  You have to be able to show your ability to restore photos to entice more visitors and of course more profits to your photography restoration business.

Check around with your competitors to see what they are charging to restore photos.  Most commonly photo restorations are charged per photo rather than hourly.  Charging anywhere from $50 to even $200 per photo is not out of the ordinary and people purchase the services daily.  Make sure that you are providing a price that out does your competitor, you will find that you receive more traffic to your site and more sales also.

After you have created your business website you now want to market your business throughout the internet to attract potential customers.  You can drive traffic many different ways.  Research and find the top ways to traffic your website and apply them each and every day.  Only stick with the traffic methods that work and keep a close monitor in how you are receiving your traffic and where from.

Restoring photos has become a very profitable business to start up and can be started right from your home.  With the low cost of startup and running fees, many people are turning their time and skills with Photoshop to riches and you will to when you create your very own photography restoration business!

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