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Forum Moderator

As long as there are forums, there will be a need for a forum moderator.  A forum moderator is basically the maintenance person for the forum.  Their job consists of blocking negative comments that have been posted, making sure that questions and comments that are made on the forum are answered, and also to make sure that the forum operations are all working smoothly and correctly.

Other duties include providing constant content for the forum, blocking and deleting spam that is posted on the forum, answering questions related to the forum for user information, keeping a close tab on making sure that all of the users of the forum are abiding by the forum rules, and also encouraging new threads to be posted on the forum.

With the thousands and thousands of forums throughout the internet today, becoming a forum moderator could be the idle job for someone who enjoys forums in general.  You can also score mega profit being a forum moderator and the best part is you can perform all of your duties from the comforts of your own home!  Here are some simple steps to go by if you decide to become a forum moderator.

You will first want to post a profile at one of the leading freelancer sites such as,, and  In your profile you will want to describe what your interests are as well as what type of experience you have with forums and the duties associated with a forum moderator.

Describe yourself and how you would be a benefit to someone’s forum and ensure them that you are the right person for the job.  If you have been a forum moderator in the past then you will want to add references from your previous employers as well as your duties that you performed during that time.

After you have created a profile, you will now want to check and see if there are any forum moderator jobs available that have already been posted on the freelancer site.  Every freelancer site has a listing of jobs set out in different categories.  Simply type into the search bar “forum moderator” and all of the ads that pertain to a forum moderator will appear.  If you are interested in the job and feel that you meet all of the requirements, apply for the job.

If you don’t find what you are looking for at one of the freelancer sites, you can also check on Google.  Simply type into the search bar of Google “forum moderator job openings” and all of your results will pop up. You may also want to check with forums that you like.  Simply contact the owner of the forum and ask them if they have a forum moderator position open and let them know that you are interested in both the job and are an avid user of the forum yourself.

Some forum owners would rather find an individual that is a member of their forum already that posts on a regular basis to be their forum moderator, rather than putting a post out on one of the freelancing sites.  Keep in mind that not all forums post for positions available on freelancing site, so sometimes your better route is to simply contact the owner of the forum yourself and express your interest.

Depending on the popularity of the forum and your experience, you can expect to earn anywhere from $7 to even $20 an hour being a forum moderator.  If you are just starting in the forum moderator business then you might want to shoot with a lower price to gain you experience and to help build your resume up for higher paying forum moderator positions.  As with any job experience is the key and the only way to get experience is by offering your services low enough to get your foot in the door.

A forum moderator is a very exciting and rewarding position to have and what better way to perform your work than sitting in your favorite recliner doing something you find both interesting, fun, and profitable altogether!

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