Hyperinflation the Introduction

Chapter 1

The economy is something that influences each and every one of us. In the past several years the economy has been in a downward spiral that has caused many people to be worried about the future.

There are high rates of unemployment, people are shutting the doors of their business, and new business ideas are being placed on the back burner for now. Many people are struggling to get by financially and heavily in debt.

With foreclosures at an all time high, people are losing their homes and struggling to make ends mean. Shelters for the homeless are full and even the charities that are trying to help people out are running low on money and supplies that they can offer.

We aren’t talking simple inflation over time though with this topic. Instead, we are talking about them being so large that they can cause prices to double in a very small period of time. That can be a few months, a few weeks, or in some parts of the world less than a day.

Economic studies have long been a part of understanding inflation. What the experts are stating at this point in time is that we are headed down a path that will take us into hyperinflation when we really want to get into a recession.

Some people believe that throughout history we just have to allow the economy to go through these cycles. Sometimes it is good and other times it isn’t. However, there is enough information now that shows by properly understanding hyperinflation, what causes it, how to take action, and how to recover from it the US dollar can be protected.

As a Nation we are lucky that there have only been two documented times in history when hyperinflation has occurred. Yet many analysts believe it is on the horizon so we have to make changes right now to prevent it.

All of us out there have been dealing with the tough economic times. They have been a factor for everyone from the top to the bottom. In a time of global economic values and online businesses that deal all over the world it is even more important that the value of the US dollar is able to be retained.

As you learn more about hyperinflation you can stop feeling like you are at the mercy of the government or society to help you get by. What you will also realize is that many people blame the government for not helping but when they do help such efforts can actually trigger hyperinflation instead of preventing it.

Understanding the dynamics of those roles can help you to reduce panic feelings about what is going on with the economy. It can also help you to see why extending more credit, printing more money, and even reducing taxes aren’t solutions that can help our economy.

There is no easy solution either to slowing inflation or preventing hyperinflation. There are many theories out there and there are also those that belief we can learn from the mistakes of the past in terms of how the economic foundation of money in the USA is operating.


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