Internet marketing for small businesses

How to – Internet marketing for small businesses

There are many methods for making money online. One of the best methods, and easiest to learn and start, is affiliate marketing. This is a referral based business where the affiliate will refer people to a specific product on a specific site and if they buy, the affiliate will get a commission. Using an internet marketing review site is a good approach.

An internet marketing review site is simply an affiliate marketing model where the affiliate puts up a site, or puts multiple product reviews on one site, and does reviews of popular products that are sold online.

To get the most out of this method you will need to target your product and craft your review carefully.

You have two options: you can do one site per product or you can have a generic domain name site for a niche and then review several products on that site

If you go with the one product site you will want to get a domain name that is related to that product, ideally the product name plus the word “review”. This will already give you a jump start in your traffic.

Just do some keyword research to find a good domain name. Once you’ve done that you can then spend some time building traffic to that site as well as tweaking it to maximize your conversions.

It doesn’t do you any good to get a ton of traffic if no one is actually making a purchase. You need to look at the amount of traffic you get as well as the conversions you are getting and optimize both for your maximum commissions.

When you write your reviews it is best if you actually get the product. That way you can provide an in depth and honest review. But for many new marketers, they are simply unable to afford the products. If that is the case for you than  you will have to spend some time finding as much (objective) information on the product as possible.

When writing your review make sure you make it sound like a review and not just an advertisement. To accomplish that you will want to point out some bad aspects of the product. No product or service is perfect, there is always at least one aspect that doesn’t meet someone’s expectations. Point that out.

I know that may sound weird, after all you are trying to get people to buy the product. But pointing out some minor flaw is the best way to make your review ring true with your website visitors. Ultimately, that is what you want to do: provide an honest overview of the product so people can determine whether or not the product makes sense for them.

This is a great way to maximize your affiliate commissions. As long as the reviews you write are honest and don’t sound like one long sales pitch, the method has worked well and will most likely continue to work well for a long time to come. People online want someone to cut through the hype and garbage for them, that someone could be you.

Using the internet marketing review style approach to your affiliate marketing business is a proven model. Just take a little time and perfect it and you will have nice big commission checks month after month.