Learn One Hundred Contest Marketing Secrets

Only 100 Contest Marketing Secrets


This eBook will give you 100 contest marketing secrets. A contest could even be called a challenge, competition, game, tournament, etc. Holding a contest is a powerful way to gain new prospects and customers. They will visit your web site, opt-in to your list, promote your products or any beneficial action that will help your business just for a chance to win a prize. Plus, if you make a copy of your product as the prize and they don’t win it, they may end up buying it later anyway. This eBook will give you tons of ideas for different types of contests and prizes.

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1) Hold an affiliate contest. It could persuade people to join your membership site. You could use a DVD as the contest prize.

2) Host an essay challenge. It might convince prospects to opt-in to your list. You might give a co to the contest winner.

3) Issue an article writing competition. It could influence visitors to visit your web site. You can grant an eBook as the contest reward.

4) Announce a product buying contest. It might trigger leads to open your direct mail. You may offer a book to the contest successor.

5) Create a product selling challenge. It could tempt people to sign up to your JV partner program. You could pick an Ecorse as the contest award.

6) Market an audio creating competition. It might provoke prospects to give you their postal address. You might present an eclass to the contest champion.

7) Advertise a joke writing contest. It could arouse visitors to participate in your forum. You can name a booklet as the contest purse.

8- Promote a product titling challenge. It might attract leads to enlist in your affiliate program. You may award a forum to the contest prizewinner.

9) Formulate a graphics creating competition. It could bend people to type in their phone number. You could give a report as the contest trophy.

10) Construct a joint venturing contest. It might bribe prospects to subscribe to your ezine. You might supply a video course to the contest victor.

11) Set up a story telling challenge. It could bring visitors to reserve a spot in your live workshop. You can market a seminar as the contest payoff.

12) Make a poem writing competition. It might bring around leads to get your freebie. You may submit an ereport to the contest champ.

13) Design an auction bidding contest. It could motivate people to accept your deals. You could select a home study course as the contest bounty.

14) Release a presale contest challenge. It might cajole prospects to approve your offers. You might issue a webinar to the contest title holder.

15) Organize an investing competition. It could captivate visitors to enroll in your eclass. You can choose a workshop as the contest benefit.

16) Prepare a trivia contest. It might cause leads to register for your seminar. You may give a trade show ticket to first place in the contest.

17) Form a production challenge. It could charm people to buy your merchandise. You could advertise a newsletter as the contest gift.

18) Produce an object identifying competition. It might coach prospects to purchase your services. You might promote an ezine as the contest prize.

19) Develop an idea contest. It could coax visitors to order your products. You can offer a service to the contest winner.

20) Manage a finding/scavenger challenge. It might condition leads to invest in your high priced products. You may provide consulting as the contest reward.

21) Introduce a web site traffic competition. It could contribute to people to pre-pay for you products. You could present coaching to the contest successor.

22) Present a drawing contest. It might convert prospects to spend money on your business. You might pick training as the contest award.

23) Arrange a problem solving challenge. It could convince visitors to shop at your online store. You can award a teleseminar to the contest champion.

24) Operate a guessing competition. It might direct leads to apply for your opening position. You may name a teleclass as the contest purse.

25) Assemble a sweepstakes contest. It could draw people to bid on your auction products. You could supply software to the contest prizewinner.

26) Employ a photo challenge. It might drive prospects to be your social friend. You might use an app as the contest trophy.

27) Hold a speech competition. It could affect visitors to download your software. You can submit a script to the contest victor.

28) Host an eating contest. It might enchant leads to become your micro blog follower. You may employ a graphic as the contest payoff.

29) Issue a debt reduction challenge. It could encourage people to link to your web site. You could issue a web site hosting to the contest champ.

30) Announce a video parody competition. It might energize prospects to read your online content. You might supply web site design as the contest bounty.

31) Create a cleaning contest. It could entice visitors to watch your online videos. You can give a web site template to the contest title holder.

32) Market a software making challenge. It might escort leads to listen to your online audios. You may select a membership site as the contest benefit.

33) Advertise a social profile page competition. It could excite people to enter your contest. You could offer a resell rights product to first place in the contest.

34) Promote a prediction contest. It might fascinate prospects to endorse your products. You might donate a master resell rights product as the contest gift.

35) Formulate a funny video challenge. It could force visitors to tell a friend about your products. You can choose a private label product as the contest prize.

36) Construct a spelling competition. It might get leads to advertise your business. You may present a guide to the contest winner.

37) Set up a selling contest. It could govern people to click on your links. You could pick a bicycle as the contest reward.

38) Make a forum challenge. It might guide prospects to go to your blogs. You might award an audio book to the contest successor.

39) Design an outfit competition. It could hearten visitors to support your cause/charity. You can advertise an audio course as the contest award.

40) Release a review contest. It might hook leads to resell your digital products. You may supply an article package to the contest champion.

41) Organize a designing challenge. It could hound people to become your social fan. You could market ad space as the contest purse.

42) Prepare a school grades competition. It might hypnotize prospects to barter products with you. You might submit a tool to the contest prizewinner.

43) Form a video game contest. It could incite visitors to become your client. You can select a transcript as the contest trophy.

44) Produce an experiment challenge. It might incline leads to agree to co-op with you. You may issue a podcast to the contest victor.

45) Develop a ticket drawing competition. It could induce people to read your newsletter. You could use make-up as the contest payoff.

46) Manage an invention contest. It might inflict prospects to repost/link to your blog posts. You might give a computer to the contest champ.

47) Introduce a hair style challenge. It could influence visitors to repost your social posts. You can grant an mp3 player as the contest bounty.

48) Present a blog design competition. It might inspire leads to request your free cd. You may offer a clock to the contest title holder.

49) Arrange an instrument playing contest. It could inspire people to buy through your affiliate links. You could use a stereo as the contest benefit.

50) Operate an endurance challenge. It might interest prospects to become your customer. You might present a toy to first place in the contest.

51) Assemble a board game competition. It could justify visitors to give you free content. You can name a card game as the contest gift.

52) Employ a fitness contest. It might launch leads to take your survey. You may furnish clothing as the contest prize.

53) Hold a construction challenge. It could lead people to travel to your live events. You could award dishes to the contest winner.

54) Host a test/quiz competition. It might lure prospects to open your ezine issues. You might supply a camcorder as the contest reward.

55) Issue a gardening contest. It could magnetize visitors to watch your presentation. You can supply an instrument to the contest successor

56) Announce a script creating challenge. It might manage leads to publish your press release. You may choose a dvd player as the contest award.

57) Create a craft making competition. It could maneuver people to browse your web site. You could submit a cd player to the contest champion.

58) Market a publicity contest. It might sway prospects to subscribe to your follow up autoresponder. You might promote a video game as the contest purse.

59) Advertise a social networking challenge. It could motivate visitors to interview you for free publicity. You can issue a video game system to the contest prizewinner.

60) Promote a shopping competition. It might move leads to become your subscriber. You may pick a textbook as the contest trophy.

61) Formulate a list giveaway contest. It could negotiate people to stay on your site longer. You could give an online game to the contest victor.

62) Construct a holiday challenge. It might persuade prospects to accept your telemarketing calls. You might employ an appliance as the contest payoff.

63) Set up an audition competition. It could pilot visitors to volunteer their time. You can offer a pair of shoes to the contest champ.

64) Make a speed contest. It might plead to leads to give away your viral freebie. You may grant a treadmill as the contest bounty.

65) Design an automation challenge. It could persuade people to call your order number. You could present cookware to the contest title holder.

66) Release a make-up competition. It might prompt prospects to read your sales letter. You might name a ball as the contest benefit.

67) Organize a vehicle contest. It could propel visitors to grab your free booklet. You can award a car to first place in the contest.

68) Prepare a pet challenge. It might provoke leads to become your student. You may use a ring as the contest gift.

69) Form an organizing competition. It could pull people to join your multi-level marketing program. You could select a legal advice as the contest prize.

70) Produce a sports contest. It might push prospects to try your product samples. You might supply insurance to the contest winner.

71) Develop a parenting challenge. It could reassure visitors to submit their success story. You can market a weight set as the contest reward.

72) Manage a saving money competition. It might regulate leads to backlink to your web site. You may submit sculptures to the contest successor.

73) Introduce a costume contest. It could seduce people to republish your articles. You could display golf clubs as the contest award.

74) Present a banner ad creating challenge. It might shift prospects to buy your upsells. You might issue a security system to the contest champion.

75) Arrange a bill collecting competition. It could slide visitors to register to get your free dvd. You can promote speakers as the contest purse.

76) Operate a recipe contest. It might spur leads to remember your business brand. You may give loans to the contest prizewinner.

77) Assemble a learning challenge. It could steer people to promote your product. You could employ a house as the contest trophy.

78) Employ a racing competition. It might stimulate prospects to brainstorm new ideas with you. You might offer a perfume/cologne to the contest victor.

79) Hold a durability contest. It could stir visitors to click on your banner ads. You can pick a light as the contest payoff.

80) Host a fashion challenge. It might sway leads to beta test your product. You may present auto parts to the contest champ.

81) Issue an exercise competition. It could swing people to give you a good product review. You could choose a grill as the contest bounty.

82) Announce a card game contest. It might tempt prospects to support your sponsors. You might award magazines to the contest title holder.

83) Create a tattoo challenge. It could trigger visitors to sign up to your free trial. You can use earnings as the contest benefit.

84) Market a matching competition. It might turn on leads to install your free software. You may supply a ATV to first place in the contest.

85) Advertise a sales conversation contest. It could twist people to comment on your blog. You could name art work as the contest gift.

86) Promote a cooking challenge. It might uplift prospects to market your web site. You might employ a board game as the contest prize.

87) Formulate a search engine ranking competition. It could urge visitors to pull out their create card. You can submit tickets to the contest winner.

88) Construct a diet contest. It might usher leads to accept your rebate offer. You may select purses/wallets as the contest reward.

89) Set up a copy writing challenge. It could warrant people to give you a testimonial. You could issue a bracelet to the contest successor.

90) Make a music competition. It might wear on prospects to join your mastermind group. You might advertise a camera as the contest award.

91) Design a product quality contest. It could win over visitors to trade advertisements with you. You can give a doll to the contest champion.

92) Release a strength challenge. It might wow leads to answer your questionnaire. You may grant a watch as the contest purse.

93) Organize a radio call in competition. It could yield people to read your ebook. You could offer flowers to the contest prizewinner.

94) Prepare a web site design contest. It might motivate prospects to access your private web site. You might choose a piece land as the contest trophy.

95) Form a researching challenge. It could interest visitors to purchase your backend sales. You can present a motorcycle to the contest victor.

96) Produce a traveling competition. It might attract leads to take your free class. You may select furniture as the contest payoff.

97) Develop an accuracy contest. It could hook people to write you a big check. You could award crafts to the contest champ.

98) Manage a report writing challenge. It might make prospects download your report. You might use a clock as the contest bounty.

99) Introduce a tip competition. It could encourage visitors to participate in your chat room. You can supply a necklace to the contest title holder.

100) Present a decorating contest. It might drive leads to listen to your podcast. You may name a GPS system as the contest benefit.

100 Contest Marketing Secrets, tips, ideas and much more.

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