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Need to make fast money

Virtual Assistant

If you have good secretarial skills or have already had experience being someone’s personal assistant, then becoming a virtual assistant might just be right up your alley!  The best part about becoming a virtual assistant is that you can perform all of your duties all from your own desk at home.  With our world turning more towards technology, so have many of your big time businesses also.  For many high ranking business professionals, they find themselves turning to a virtual assistant to help them organize various things so that they have more time to devote to their other duties that come with their job description.

Some of the duties of a virtual assistant include scheduling appointments and meetings, organizing their day-to-day schedule, answer messages related to business, answering phone calls, etc.  So if you have a knack with organizing things and have experience to back it up, then you could easily find yourself doing what you like as a virtual assistant.  Here are a few steps to go by when deciding to become a virtual assistant.

You will first want to create a profile at one of the popular freelancing websites such as,, and  Make sure that you list all of your qualifications and skills in your profile so that potential employers have all of your benefits that you have to offer them.  If you have previous experience in being someone’s personal assistant or have performed other office duties make sure that you list those individuals for references.

Many people that are searching for a virtual assistant will search through freelancer sites to see individuals that are capable of handling an assistant’s duties rather than posting it under the job openings.  So make sure that your portfolio shines above the rest and be as descriptive as possible about why you feel you are the perfect person to be anyone’s virtual assistant.

Once you have created your profile you will want to check to see if there are any job openings available for a virtual assistant.  Read all of the requirements and the duties that will be involved in becoming their virtual assistant.  If you agree with all of the duties required and are interested in the job, simply apply for the job.  You can also check on for “virtual assistant job openings” and find individuals that have posted that they are looking for a virtual assistant.

You can also advertise your service on forums and social networks.  Getting your services out on the internet as much as possible is the key to your success as a virtual assistant.  If you are first starting out make sure that you take on every job that is thrown to you.  The more experience that you have the more you will find you are hoping up to better paying jobs in little to no time at all.

A virtual assistant can expect to make anywhere from $5 to even $100 an hour for their services depending on the experience level that you have.  So if you have a knack organizing and can perform other office duties well, then becoming a virtual assistant might just be the job you have always dreamed of and money you never thought possible!

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