One Hundred Food Marketing Tactics

100 Food Marketing Tactics

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Introduction: 100 Food Marketing Tactics

This ebook will give you 100 restaurant/grocery store/food marketing tactics. It contains ideas for popular foods to market and copywriting words/phrases that will sell your food like crazy. This will be handy and helpful for any type of restaurant or food store owner.

1) You could sell cod, ham and/or shell fish at your restaurant. Describe your food as appetizing, freeze dried and/or powerful.

2) You might make squash, ham salad and/or shrimp for a meal. Illustrate your meals as a la mode, fresh and/or precise.

3) You can market sprouts, hamburgers and/or sloppy joe at your diner. Define your cooking as amazing, fresh-baked and/or premium.

4) You could cook apple sauce, hash browns and/or snack bars as a special. Express your entree as appealing, freshly and/or preserved.

5) You might promote apples, herring and/or snail for dinner. Detail your menu as aromatic, fried and/or puffy.

6) You can create apricots, melon and/or fish at your club. Advertise your food as attractive, from-scratch and/or pureed.

7) You could advertise asparagus, hot dogs and/or sour cream at your buffet. Explain your meals as awesome, frosted and/or rare.

8- You might serve bacon, lettuce and/or sourdough at your drive-in. Market your cooking as baked, frosty and/or raw.

9) You can publicize bagels, jalapeno s and/or soy beans for supper. Paint your entree as basted, frozen and/or reduced.

10) You could suggest baked potatoes, jello and/or soy sauce at your grill. Copy write your menu as battered, fruity and/or refreshing.

11) You might distribute bananas, kiwi and/or spaghetti at your grocery store Promote your food as beneficial, fudgy and/or relish.

12) You can prepare bass, lemons and/or squid at your fast-food place. Portray your meals as bite-sized, fulfilling and/or remarkable.

13) You could sell BBQ pork, lasagna and/or steak at your café. State your cooking as boiled, full-bodied and/or riveting.

14) You might make bean burgers, lentil and/or stew at your restaurant. Term your entree as bold, full-flavored and/or rich.

15) You can market bean/bacon soup, lima beans and/or stir fry food for a meal. Sketch your menu as boneless, garden-fresh and/or ripe.

16) You could cook beans, limes and/or strawberries at your diner. Present your food as braised, garlicky and/or roasted.

17) You might promote beef, linguine and/or sturgeon as a special. Relate your meals as brand new, garnished and/or robust.

18) You can create beets, liver and/or stuffed peppers for dinner. Label your cooking as breaded, generous and/or runny.

19) You could advertise bell peppers, lobster and/or sunflower seeds at your club. Depict your entree as brewed, gently and/or salty.

20) You might serve biscuits, luncheon meats and/or sushi at your buffet. Character your menu as brown, gingery and/or satisfying.

21) You can publicize blackberries, macaroni and/or sweet corn at your drive-in. Call your food bubbly, glazed and/or sautéed.

22) You could suggest blowfish, macaroni salad and/or sweet potato for supper. Report your meals as buttery, golden and/or savory.

23) You might distribute BLTs, mackerel and/or swiss cheese at your grill. Represent your cooking as candied, good and/or scalded.

24) You can prepare blueberries, mahi mahi and/or swordfish at your grocery store Outline your entree as candy-coated, gooey and/or scented.

25) You could sell bread, mangoes and/or tangerines at your fast-food place. Summarize your menu as canned, gourmet and/or scorched.

26) You might make burritos, mashed photos and/or tilapia at your café. Photograph your food as caramelized, grainy and/or scrumptious.

27) You can market broccoli, meat loaf and/or toast at your restaurant. Video your meals as carefully cooked, gratifying and/or seared.

28) You could cook brochette, meatballs and/or tofu for a meal. Film your cooking as charbroiled, great and/or seasonal.

29) You might promote rice, mixed nuts and/or tomato juice at your diner. Draw your entree as charred, grilled and/or seasoned.

30) You can create buffalo wings, mozzarella sticks and/or tomato soup as a special. Describe your menu as chewy, guiltless and/or sensational.

31) You could advertise cabbage, muffins and/or tomatoes for dinner. Illustrate your food as chilled, hand-battered and/or sharp.

32) You might serve cantaloupe, mullet and/or tortillas at your club. Define your meals as chocolate-covered, healthy and/or shredded.

33) You can publicize carrots, mush and/or tacos at your buffet. Express your cooking as chocolaty, heaped with and/or signature.

34) You could suggest casserole, mushroom soup and/or trail bologna at your drive-in. Detail your entree as choice, heaping and/or simmering.

35) You might distribute catfish, mushrooms and/or trout for supper. Advertise your menu as chopped, heavenly and/or simple.

36) You can prepare cauliflower, mussels and/or tuna at your grill. Explain your food as chunky, homemade and/or sizzling.

37) You could sell celery, nectarine and/or tuna salad at your grocery store Market your meals as classical, homestyle and/or sliced.

38) You might make cheese, noodles and/or turkey at your fast-food place. Paint your cooking as coated, honeyed and/or slow-cooked.

39) You can market cheese broccoli soup, oatmeal and/or turkey breast at your café. Copy write your entree as colorful, hot and/or smoked.

40) You could cook cherries, octopus and/or turkey club at your restaurant. Promote your menu as complemented, iced and/or smokey.

41) You might promote chicken, olives and/or turnip for a meal. Portray your food as condensed, icy and/or smooth.

42) You can create chicken breast, omelets and/or veal at your diner. State your meals as cool, incredible and/or smothered.

43) You could advertise chicken legs, onions and/or vegetable pizza as a special. Term your cooking as creamy, intense and/or snappy.

44) You might serve chicken noodle soup, onion peels and/or vegetable juice for dinner. Sketch your entree as crispy, inviting and/or soft.

45) You can publicize chicken nuggets, onion rings and/or vegetable salads at your club. Present your menu as crispy, juicy and/or soupy.

46) You could suggest salad, oranges and/or vegetable soup at your buffet. Relate your food as crumbly, juicy and/or sour.

47) You might distribute chicken wings, orange roughy and/or veggie burgers at your drive-in. Label your meals as crunchy, killer and/or sparkling.

48) You can prepare chili, oysters and/or waffles for supper. Depict your cooking as crusted, kosher and/or special.

49) You could sell chowder, pancakes and/or walleye at your grill. Character your entree as cured, laced and/or spectacular.

50) You might make clams, papaya and/or walnuts at your grocery store Call your menu curried, lavish and/or spicy.

51) You can market coconut, parmesan cheese and/or water chestnuts at your fast-food place. Report your food as dainty, layered and/or splendid.

52) You could cook collard greens, peas and/or watermelon at your café. Represent your meals as dashed, lean and/or sprinkled.

53) You might promote cooked vegetables, peaches and/or wax beans at your restaurant. Outline your cooking as dazzling, lemony and/or starchy.

54) You can create corn, peanut butter and/or wheat for a meal. Summarize your entree as decadent, light and/or steamy.

55) You could advertise corn bread, peanut butter and jelly and/or wheat bread at your diner. Photograph your menu as delectable, lightly and/or stewed.

56) You might serve corn flakes, peanuts and/or wheat crackers as a special. Video your food as delicate, lip-smacking and/or stiff.

57) You can publicize cottage cheese, pears and/or white rice for dinner. Film your meals as delicious, liquid and/or stringy.

58) You could suggest crab, peppers and/or whitefish at your club. Draw your cooking as delightful, loaded and/or strong.

59) You might distribute crackers, perch and/or wild rice at your buffet. Describe your entree as deluxe, local and/or stuffed.

60) You can prepare cranberries, pike and/or yams at your drive-in. Illustrate your menu as dietary, luscious and/or subdued.

61) You could sell crawfish, pineapple and/or yellow peppers for supper. Define your food as diluted, lusty and/or subtle.

62) You might make cream cheese, pitas and/or yogurt at your grill. Express your meals as dippable, magnificent and/or subtly.

63) You can market cube steaks, pizza and/or ziti at your grocery store Detail your cooking as distinctive, marinate and/or succulent.

64) You could cook cucumbers, plums and/or zucchini at your fast-food place. Advertise your entree as distinctive, mesmerizing and/or sugarcoated.

65) You might promote dates, pollock and/or cakes/cupcakes at your café. Explain your menu as divine, marinated and/or super.

66) You can create dill pickles, pop corn and/or pies at your restaurant. Market your food as drenched, marquee and/or superb.

67) You could advertise dinner rolls, pork and/or candy/chocolates for a meal. Paint your meals as dressed, marvelous and/or sweet.

68) You might serve dumplings, pork chops and/or ice cream at your diner. Copy write your cooking as dried out, meaty and/or sweet and sour.

69) You can publicize eel, potato salads and/or jello as a special. Promote your entree as dripping, mellow and/or sweetened.

70) You could suggest egg drop soup, potatoes and/or cookies for dinner. Portray your menu as drizzled, melt-in-mouth and/or sweetly.

71) You might distribute egg noodles, pepperoni and/or brownies at your club. State your food as dry, melted and/or syrupy.

72) You can prepare eggs, pretzels and/or donuts/ at your buffet. Term your meals as eatable, mild and/or tantalizing.

73) You could sell egg salad, prunes and/or sweet rolls at your drive-in. Sketch your cooking as edible, minced and/or tangy.

74) You might make elderberries, pumpkin pie and/or cream sticks for supper. Present your entree as elegant, mixed and/or tart.

75) You can market fajitas, quesadillas and/or pastries at your grill. Relate your menu as enchanting, moist and/or tasty.

76) You could cook peas, radishes and/or sherbet at your grocery store Label your food as enjoyable, mouthwatering and/or tempting.

77) You might promote yogurt, raisins and/or puddings at your fast-food place. Depict your meals as enticing, nutritious and/or thirst quenching.

78) You can create fettuccine, raspberries and/or cheesecake at your café. Character your cooking as essential, nutty and/or tender.

79) You could advertise fillet minion, ravioli and/or shakes at your restaurant. Call your entree excellent, odorless and/or terrific.

80) You might serve fish sandwich, spinach and/or cobblers for a meal. Report your menu as exceptional, oozing and/or thick.

81) You can publicize flounder, red onions and/or strudels at your diner. Represent your food as exclusive, outstanding and/or thick-cut.

82) You could suggest french fries, red peppers and/or chocolate as a special. Outline your meals as exquisite, overpowering and/or titillating.

83) You might distribute french onion dip, rhubarb and/or chips for dinner. Summaries your cooking as extraordinary, pan-seared and/or toasted.

84) You can prepare fruit cocktail, ribs and/or nachos at your club. Photograph your entree as fabulous, pan fried and/or toasty.

85) You could sell fruit snacks, buns and/or honey at your buffet. Video your menu as fantastic, parboiled and/or topped.

86) You might make garden burgers, rice and/or maple syrup at your drive-in. Film your food as fiery, parched and/or tossed.

87) You can market garlic bread, rice cereal and/or snacks for supper. Draw your meals as finger licking, pasty and/or tremendous.

88) You could cook grain pasta, romaine lettuce and/or junk food at your grill. Describe your cooking as fire-grilled, penetrating and/or tropical.

89) You might promote grapefruit, rye bread and/or hot chocolate at your grocery store Illustrate your entree as first class, peppery and/or unique.

90) You can create grapes, salad dressing and/or water at your fast-food place. Define your menu as fishy, perfect and/or unsweetened.

91) You could advertise green beans, salad and/or root beer at your café. Express your food as fine, perfectly and/or velvety.

92) You might serve green onions, salmon and/or vegetable juice at your restaurant. Detail your meals as fizzy, perfumed and/or vibrant.

93) You can publicize green peppers, salsa and/or coffee for a meal. Advertise your cooking as flakey, phenomenal and/or vinegary.

94) You could suggest grilled cheese, sandwiches and/or milk at your diner. Explain your entree as flame-broiled, pickled and/or warm.

95) You might distribute grits, sardines and/or soda pop as a special. Market your menu as flame-grilled, piping and/or warming.

96) You can prepare ground chicken, sausage and/or orange juice for dinner. Paint your food as flaming, piping hot and/or watery.

97) You could sell ground turkey, sausage gravy and/or lemonade at your club. Copy write your meals as flavorful, pleasant and/or wet.

98) You might make gumbo, scallops and/or fruit punch at your buffet. Promote your cooking as flavorsome, potent and/or yummy.

99) You can market haddock, sesame seeds and/or ice/hot tea at your drive-in. Portray your entree as flawless, pouched and/or zesty.

100) You could cook halibut, shark and/or a healthy shake for supper. State your menu as fluffy, powdered and/or zippy.

100 Food Marketing Tactics

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