The Details On Shared Web Hosting

Web hosting companies and a server are must have for any website developer or website owner. It is the service you need to have your website available to the public on the internet. These services prices can vary greatly in cost but you can find a good company that does offers an array of services such as

  1. Registering your personal domain name
  2. Leasing or selling the server
  3. Hosting your website
  4. Supportive services

With all that being said lets look in to the details and descriptions of these products and services.

What is shared web hosting?

Shared web hosting is a type of web hosting service where multiple domains also known as websites share one server. unlike dedicated servers where one person owns or leases a whole server for only their usage and uses that server for multiple domains and shares with no one a dedicated server is normally only the right option for big companies that need a server with that much dedicated space available.

What are the benefits to a shared server?

The biggest benefit to utilizing a shared server is the price. It is much more cost efficient for individuals or smaller corporations to use a shared server as they really do not need a server all to themselves. there are low monthly payments that be made or some web hosting companies offer a yearly plan at a discounted rate. It is much cheaper than a dedicated server as instead of paying for all the support and maintenance of the server you split the cost of server maintenance with everyone else on the shared server so in costs that occur are kept fairly cheap as you are splitting them with multiple website owners and developers.

Other than the benefit of how cheap shared hosting is another great benefit is that shared web hosting is very reliable and has a very low downtime when maintenance is needed.

What is shared website hosting services?

This refers to the company that is leasing the shared server. there are plenty of companies out there that offer different pricing plans to fit every ones budget. Most shared server hosting companies also offer other features like customized support to fit the individuals needs when it comes to website development and of course twenty four seven support when an individual needs help with any server issues they may encounter.

Who can lease and utilize shared server hosting?

Any one and everyone who is needing to get their website up and running online to be viewed by the public. When a website is developed in order for it to be accessible on the internet the owner of the website has to use web hosting services.

How does a shared server work?

In the simplest explanation possible a shared server is a big professional special computer that is used as a server. It has it own very big network it allows website developers and owners to lease a part of the server then utilize the amount of space they are leasing from the shared website hosting as they use the space for their own website.

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