The Sad Truth of MLM Scams

There are two different spheres to multilevel marketing (MLM). The first sphere would be the incredible revenue generation potential this type of business model can present. Many entrepreneurs have amassed huge profits from their MLM ventures. Their success remains a great inspiration to many. However, the second sphere of the MLM industry is equally well known. This second sphere is the notion that MLM is not a legitimate business venture. In short, there is an attitude there are too many MLM scams out there to take the MLM industry serious.

Honestly, it would be absurd to dub the entire MLM industry as something that is not. There are assuredly scores of legitimate MLM businesses in the industry and many people have amassed fortunes from such ventures. To be dismissive of the positives of the MLM industry is just not the right attitude to take. That said, it is true there are some “bad apples” out there that fall under the category of MLM scams.

How can you tell whether or not you would be working with a legitimate venture vs. a scam? Basically, performing a little bit of due diligence can go a long way towards determining whether or not you would be dealing with a scam or a legitimate business venture.

The most basic due diligence you could perform would be to look up reviews on the company on the net. More than likely, if someone was ripped off from the business there will be a note of it on the internet. Now, not every person that gets involved with a MLM business will automatically make a profit from it. Different people will have different experiences and MLM scams are not defined by not offering 100% guarantees.

Rather, MLM scams can be defined as those ventures which outright fail to deliver on promises, mislead members in the network, promote a ponzi style scheme, or simply do not even have a product or service actually for sale. Such “businesses” never had any intention of actually providing a means in which one could actually operate a legitimate MLM business. Instead, they operated in the form of a very dubious and disingenuous pyramid scheme.

Once again, one person’s does not make a MLM venture a scheme or a scam no matter how bad his experience may have been. That said if there are several reports of the same company scamming people such reports could be considered the reddest of red flags. If you are reading a perpetual amount of bad reports on a particular MLM company then the company may be one best avoided.

When examining reviews of MLM scams, be sure to confer with reviews presented on legitimate credible websites. Do not look for sites known for “ranting” as these sites generally are not the best resource for information.

Generally, if you perform the appropriate due diligence and research into multilevel marketing businesses, you will reduce your potential to be taken in by a scam. And who would want to deal with MLM scams if they can be avoided?

The Sad Truth of MLM Scams

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